Influencer marketing keeps growing because IT WORKS!

We have our first international guest on the episode - all the way from Texas in the United States of America...Tom Augenthaler. He is a world-renowned speaker and educator on influencer marketing, working with many fortune 500 companies such as Intel, HP and TIME...

The role of social media strategy & management in influencer marketing campaigns

The use of social media to grow brands continues to soar. Without a strategy, businesses might as well be posting for the sake of posting and without understanding objectives, target market categories and what they truly want; it becomes difficult to achieve their...

Zara, influencer marketing and breaking the internet

Zara, the iconic fashion brand launched its first ever online store in South Africa. No prizes for guessing - their go to strategy was influencer marketing. In this episode, we take an exclusive peek at the strategy and implementation processes by chatting to KRIYA...

InsureTech start-up Granadilla leverages tech & people to power ahead

Insurance is traditionally and infamously a massive pain-point for consumers throughout their purchase journey. In this episode we chat to Ika van Wyk from Granadilla Insurance, whose mission is simply to unsettle the traditional insurance model by deliberately...

Behavioural linguistics in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is just that...influence. And to influence purchasing behaviour takes careful thought when it comes to communication and that's where behavioural linguistics comes in. In this episode, we chat to Leigh Crymble from Breadcrumbs about this and how...

Employee advocacy is a no-brainer

In today's hyper-competitive markets, employees can be a business’ biggest naturally occurring and untapped asset. Our discussion today centres around why biomedical technology company, Biotronik is deliberately allocating resources (financial & time) to partner...

Podcasts and podcasting in South Africa

The Nfinity group houses South Africa's #1 Influencer Marketing Group. Their pioneering spirit lives on as they set-up Echocast in 2018 to specifically explore and ride the growth trajectory in podcasting. In today’s episode we sit with two of the brightest brains in...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the influencer marketing space

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the Influencer Marketing space. Today’s foremost question is never “What is influencer marketing?” but “Where is influencer marketing heading?” Join us as Tokologo Phetla, Chairman of AI brand Christopher Africa, unpacks...

Advertising watchdog implements a new social media code

The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) now requires that influencers mark all sponsored social media posts. Is the board now trying to play big brother? CEO, Gail Schimmel, joins us as we unpack the code and its impact on the influencer marketing space in South...

Influencer fraud: what it is and how to guard against it

Join us as we unpack the real cost of influencer fraud and hear how Anne Dolinschek, our gladiator in a pencil skirt, educates brands on how they can detect and mitigate against its effects. LISTEN at the link below or listen through your favourite app at this link....


Introducing #NfluentialWednesdays

Introducing #NfluentialWednesdays

Coffee Conversations with Sinty has launched a new feature - #NfluentialWednesdays! Lead Strategist, Anne Dolinschek, and other experts join us every last Wednesday of the month for a deep dive into Influencer Marketing Strategy. Listen to the first in the series with...

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The influence of celebrities

The influence of celebrities

Lisa Modisane have been in the industry of managing actors and voice over artists for over 12 years. She shares with us her experiences in the industry and focus on the business of influencing when it comes to celebrities.  

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The Accidental Superstar Influencer

The Accidental Superstar Influencer

Kevin McLennan was one of the first big wave of influencers. He managed to build a big profile while he was still a student! He now works at a digital agency. In today’s episode, he talks us through how important it is for him to maintain his integrity in a space...

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