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  • Instagram gives marketers the option of turning influencer content into ads – boosting influencer marketing results.
  • Influencer marketing might be king in a post-cookie world.
  • A podcast episode with Brett Field, CIO of Fedgroup.
  • How to turn your consumers into nano influencers.

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Marketers can use Instagram’s Branded Content Ads to boost their influencer marketing results

The bulk of brands are investing in influencer marketing and seeing great results. The evolution of influencer marketing as we know it, is to combine it with paid media or boosting. Instagram now allows marketers to turn influencer content, that uses the Paid Partnership Tag, into ads providing a simple way to amplify these posts and Stories beyond a creator’s organic following. Importantly, the option enables brands to promote these influencer-created posts under the influencer’s profile, as opposed to re-sharing from a brand handle. This helps to make the posts feel more native, as opposed to the more clearly signaled brand promotions. Read the article by clicking here.

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Can influencers rule online marketing in the post-cookie world?

With Googles decision to end the use of cookies to target advertising, influencers may be the answer for brands looking to target specific audiences. The magic of influencer marketing lies in that you brands have access to audiences who already opted into influencer content and that influencer knowing their audiences exceptionally well. It makes them a great option in a post-cookie world.

Click here to read article.

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Podcast: In conversation with Brett Field

Our latest podcast episode is with Brett Field, CIO of Fedgroup. We had an interesting conversation about what it means to put a brand’s reputation first ahead of profit, where he sees influencer marketing heading in the future and how to get the most of your influencer marketing campaign.

Listen to the podcast here.

Five ways to turn consumers into brand advocates

It’s no secret that nano influencers have gained popularity especially over the last year or so. The proof is in the pudding and your own customers remain your best influencers. Here’s a couple of ways to encourage your customers to be more vocal about your brand on social media and re-purposing that content as User Generated Content.

Read the article here.


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