About Nflu#ntial

Nflu#ntial is a strategic consultancy that focuses on developing influencer marketing strategies for brands. We create frameworks for brands that empower them to implement strategic influencer campaigns that lead to being more visible to their target markets, increase brand love and in turn build better reputations


Why is influencer marketing important to your brand?

Consumers are no longer swayed by traditional advertising and studies show that 47% of consumers use ad blockers to avoid it. The truth is that consumers are looking for recommendations and personal endorsements of brands from people who they trust. Word of mouth is still the most effective marketing strategy and social media is an evolution of this. Influencer marketing is still relatively new and thus a lot of brands struggle with the best way to use them. That’s where Nflu#ntial comes in. We build a roadmap or rather a strategy for brands on how to effectively implement influencer strategies

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