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What influences influence within Social Media?

Robin Dunbar, a British anthropologist, after studying the notion of friendship, proposed that the human brain only has cognitive capacity to care for a set number of people. He further went on to describe how this correlated to the relationship between other...

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Introducing #NfluentialWednesdays

Coffee Conversations with Sinty has launched a new feature - #NfluentialWednesdays! Lead Strategist, Anne Dolinschek, and other experts join us every last Wednesday of the month for a deep dive into Influencer Marketing Strategy. Listen to the first in the series with...

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Why 2019 Will Be the Year of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is like a chameleon. It’s an unpredictable, ever-changing, always surprising industry. It’s the stage that any brand or public figure wants to be on right now. Anyone who has skin in the game wants to have his or her say as an influencer, or to...

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